Monday, December 13, 2010

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This book mainly talks about how Spaz goes on a journey with friends to save his dying sister. Spaz is apart of Billy Bizmo's latch or "gang" you could say. In the beginning, Spaz is sent out to rob this old man named Ryter for Billy but Spaz gets more than Ryter's stuff, Spaz gets useful information that led him to finish a written book that was started by Ryter. Bean, his sister, was on the verge of death until Spaz rushed through all and everything from his latch, and a couple other latches. This book really specifies on a boy going on a journey to save his sister. Spaz embarks on this journey at the middle of the book to keep her alive, but Spaz had to go through a lot; Like witness Mongo the Magnificent die, get a mind probe for clear passage to Bean, and witness his old friend die. Besides all that happened, Spaz hears even more shocking news. He finds out Billy Bizmo is his father. The gang leader of a well organized and vulture-kind of latch is Spaz's dad. Everything is falling apart for Spaz but he managed to continue writing in the book. If Spaz had not stole from Ryter, he would probably die from anyone. Ryter really affected Spaz's life but sadly died at the end. Spaz could've just let Bean die but he didn't. He had the heart of a warrior and didn't let her die, he at least tried to make her last minutes alive great.

I think this book can really be for teenagers because as you grow, you become more wiser and you really have a lot of things to write about or share. Then when you get very old, you pass the book to the younger generation. This can even give ideas for advancements. I made many connections to this book but this one specific part really made me think about what if this happened to me. The part that amazed and shocked me was when Spaz went to rob Ryter but learned about how you can change the future by writing a book. I remember when I read a book and it taught me that when I really get into something and believe it I could do anything. That is the kind of heart that Ryter has. If this book were to have a sequel, I think it should be about how Lotti Getts and Billy Bizmo get in a fight while Spaz writes about it day-to-day about what recently happens during that day.

The Overall Summary of The Last Book in the Universe

                In the book called "the Last Book in the Universe" the main charater is Spaz. It is a boy who is a normal. It is a book that predicts what will happen after a 1000 years which is after the Big Shake. Many people are proovs and some of them are normals. Ryter is the old gummy that is with Spaz all the time. Bean is Spaz foster sister. He has a foster mother and father too. In this book no one reads books. Spaz is a robber of the latch gang and the boss is Billy Bizmo. Spaz meets Ryter by robbing he house. Ryter tries to stop him by telling where he keeps all the valuable things. Then Spaz leaves and he hears that Bean is sick and wants to see him. So Spaz starts a journey with Ryter and then he meets Lanaya, a proov, and Little Face. Then the four of them trvels all the way to Spaz's sister's home. They meet her but she is really sick with no cure. So they take her to Eden, a place where proov's live, thought they are not supposed to and try to search for a medicine to cure her. They don't find any medicine but they improve her and she gets better and stronger. Then they go back to the latch as people in Eden notice that normals are living there. They go back to the latch and Spaz leaves Bean to her home and he goes back to his latch. Then people kill Ryter and Billy Bizmo tells him that he is Spaz's father. At the end Spaz writes a story that Ryter wanted to write before he die.

                   My opnion of the book is that it is really mysterious and a little scary until you know it is going to end this way. I like the way how they kept really mysterious and just didn't give it off until the end. I think they did not end in a good way because they just left it off like they would write another book about it. I dont even think that they will write another book connected t this book. The connections I can make is that in this book Bean plays chess better than a best player in Eden. One day that happened to me too. I played with a chess player who would beat anyone but for some reason I won and he lost. I recommend this book to people who like mysterious stories and the people who is really patient to read every mysterious part in the book.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chapters 20-25

Chapter 20

In chapter 20, Spaz remembers that Bean, his sister, always wanted to go to Eden, a place away from the Urb where proovs live. Spaz talked about how he covered Bean's eyes and told her that they are in Eden. Bean would beg Spaz to bring her there but they couldn't because normals can't inhabit Eden. Spaz made Bean think he could do anything like care for injuries, make their foster parents, Charly and Kay, stop fighting, or make her better when she is sick. Later on, Spaz, Lanaya, Little Face, and Ryter meet with the parents at the house where Bean is. Spaz went on to know that Charly sent and paid that messenger to give Spaz the message that Bean is sick. Ryter lays the news that the disease Bean has was called Leukemia and had a cure. Unfortunately, Ryter did not remember the cure so Spaz got upset making Ryter say he is sorry. When Lanaya saw Bean, Bean thought Lanaya was beautiful. Bean was not very hungry and was pale and thin according to Spaz.Spaz started to tell  Bean stories as he normally but Bean ended sleeping.

Chapter 21

In chapter 21, Spaz, Ryter, and Lanaya realizes that Bean has been sleeping for a long time. Spaz actually thought that his presence will save Bean but to him it isn't. He starts to be hard on himself by calling himself names before Ryter and Lanaya brainstormed an idea that can save her life; They will take her to Eden.
Chapter 22

In chapter 22, Charly was at first against it until convinced by Kay that they have nothing to lose if the trip is unsuccessful. Spaz whispers into Bean's ear that they are going to Eden later on in the chapter. Unexpectedly, the jetbikes of Lotti Getts returns with cheers of victory from the Bleeks that were led by Vida Bleek. Lotti, the Latch Queen, wonders why Spaz is still here but is astonished that he didn't leave yet. Spaz did not reply. Lotti later finds out that Spaz is scared of her or so she thinks. Getts ends with a message saying that she wants him to brag about the victory to Billy Bizmo.
Chapter 23

In chapter 23, Spaz remembers that before he lost his family unit, Bean discovered the color blue. She imagined everybody and everything is blue. Bean loved blue. Charly was as cruel to smash Bean's plate and say blue doesn't exist and it doesn't mean anything this one time. Lanaya announces that they will cross the charged air barrier. Eden is explained to have blue skies, green grass, and fresh smells. Ryter goes on to think Spaz for bringing him to this adventure. The, the takvee tilts but it is just the mountain they are riding on. Spaz starts to learn about forests and hills because of this happening. The gang finally reaches Lanaya's house or palace according to Ryter. 

Chapter 24

In chapter 24, Ryter, Spaz, Lanaya, Little Face, and Bean get to Lanaya's house to end up meeting Jin and Bree, Lanaya's mama and daddy. In Eden for proovs, they call their parents contributors. Jin and Bree contacted the Authorities after hearing Bean is sick. Later on, cyber, a servant that answers questions, is like a prob that generates answers by experiencing what you ask. Ryter asked to go to the Grand Canyon while Little Face was eating cookies and milk. Then, Spaz asks what is making Bean sick. Cyber replies that Bean has Leukemia. Spaz starts to act up because the sickness rarely happens to proovs. Spaz is furious.

Chapter 25

In chapter 25, Spaz and his friends take Bean to the Prime Laboratory. The medicals place a glass coffin over Bean that proved to really help her. The Prime is where babies are improved which makes this part really important in Eden. Spaz visits Bean which he figures is pointless then questions who cares if normals die. Jin talked about how people knew there will be the Big Shake but no one was ready when it did happen. Bree informs Spaz that Bean will go through the replacement of her blood cells but says if it doesn't work, you probably know what will happen.

I think that Bean will survive the procedure because Bean is always cheerful and bright and she won't let Leukemia stand in the way of here. I predict Spaz will be worried at first until he gets the news that Bean is alive. At the end of the book, I can imagine Ryter writing this story in his book because he that is the reason why he is on the trip, Spaz and Lanaya will be luvmates because they got to know each other through this adventure, and Spaz will become more together with his dad because he probably saved Bean's life and helped her and the family out during difficult times.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Chapter 5
In chapter 5, the Bully Bangers enter into Spaz's cube and check his belongings to see if there was anything hidden from them. While in the other hand  Spaz was dreaming about his old 3D movie. Then when he woke up he spoke with the bangers. They asked if he found anything else with the gummy and Spaz lied to him that there was nothing left though he thought there was something with that gummy. Then the head of the Bangers, Billy Bizmo told him three rules. "Always believe in Billy" "Always obey Billy" "Always speak true to Billy" But then Spaz realizes he didn't obey the third rule. He had lied to Billy.
Chapter 6
In chapter 6, Spaz meets Little Face( a person who directs him to the gummy). Then when he reaches the gummy's house he tries to look for more things he had but it doesn't work. The gummy starts speaking to him and ask him about his family. So Spaz tells about his sister, Bean, and how she is the reason to leave his family. But then the gummy starts asking Spaz questions that Spaz didn't want to answer. He forces Spaz to like himself because if he was a proov he would never remember Bean like he does now. But then Spaz gets too angry and just leaves the conversation.

Chapter 7
In chapter 7, Spaz goes back to Urb and finds a runner. The runner told him that his sister Bean is in trouble. That his sister is going to die and now she wants to see Spaz. So Spaz couldn't help and tries to escape. But he knew he was going to die if he escaped without telling Billy. So he goes to Billy and tells him about Bean and that he needs to go now. Though Spaz pleads and begs Billy he says not to go. Spaz agreed but in his mind he was thinking of a secret escape.
Chapter 8
In chapter 8, Spaz starts his secret escape. He thought of going from the place where he usually did but then he realized they would catch him if he did that. So he escaped from Edge, the place that the proov's own. He meets gets caught there and was in a situation where he would die. But then Ryter, the gummy, came to rescue him. He saved his life but then he told Spaz that he is going to travel with him for savety. Now Spaz doesn't like Ryter coming with him but he really needs safety until he finds Bean.
Chapter 9
In chapter 9, Ryter and Spaz start their journey together. They think of going in the pipe as it is safer. Then they keep walking under the pipe and talk about different things like how does Ryter knows about the pipe so well. After a while Ryter feels like the pipe was broken. Actually it was broken. There was a hole after that pipe. They stopped and slept taking turns in that hole. But then both of them hears a shika-tik-tik. Something was coming down the pipe to get them.
Chapter 10
In chapter 10, Ryter and Spaz get really afraid and try to hide at the side so whoever it is would pass away without noticing them. But that didn't happen it came towards them. When it closer they noticed it was just Little Face. Now they were stuck with him which Spaz didn't want to happen. He thought the more people traveled the more danger. But Ryter told Spaz that the more people the more safer. So Spaz agreed and continued their journey. Then they reach the pipe back again. But suddenly they hear sounds. Ryter guesses that it is the Monkey Boys, people who paint their faces like monkeys to not show their faces. They surrounded the three boys.with wild eyes like they wanted to kill them.

My opinion,
       I think that Spaz is doing the right thing by taking Ryter with him because Ryter says that he has more experience than Spaz and though he is a gummy I think he will be the one who will save Spaz's life. I also think that Ryter is right by the thing he says that the more people the more safety. I hope they will have a successful journey and I hope they will return back safely.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chapters 1-5

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 of The Last Book In The Universe is about the future within today's world. It is also about a boy who is nicknamed Spaz. They call him Spaz because he is allergic to electrode needles. Spaz will have a mind melt if he was stuck by any of those needles. He will only have this reaction if he is stuck in the brain. Bully Bangers is also talked about in this chapter. If you weren't cool with them you may as well been dead. The Bangers were very tough.                                                                                        
Chapter 2
In chapter 2, Spaz is not liked by his fellow Bully Banger members. The leader has given him a job. He has to steal a stackbox which is located near Ryter (an older person who is called a Gummy). If this job is not done, Spaz is afraid he will die. On his way to the location of the stackbox he comes across a little boy. Spaz convinces the boy to show him the way to the stackbox by giving him a choxbox.
Chapter 3
This chapter is about Spaz making it to Ryter's house and he stops Spaz from what he is doing. Then Ryter starts to lie about where the stackbox is located. After the Gummy lies to him, he brings a book and paper and writes about Spaz's long term memory from the past.
Chapter 4
During this chapter, Spaz meets a proov (a genetically improved human being) on his way from Ryter's place. Upon meeting her, he compares different things about the two of them. The proov does the same thing as well. When arriving back to the Crypts (the Bangers' hideout) everyone rambled through gummy's stuff. Spaz came across some 3D movies. While watching the movies the idea of the future gets into Spaz's head.